Hibernate JConsole Plugin (hibernate-jconsole) - 1.0.7

About Hibernate JConsole Plugin (hibernate-jconsole)

"hibernate-jconsole-1.0.7" is a plugin to JConsole or visualvm allowing to monitor Hibernate via its JMX exports.
The plugin displays grahps and details on queries, entities, collections and cache efficiency.

Download "hibernate-jconsole-1.0.7.jar" (all versions)


  • Make sure your monitored application exports "Hibernate:application=Statistics" to JMX. (See prerequisites for more information)
  • Monitoring a locally running application:
    java -jar hibernate-jconsole-1.0.7.jar
  • Monitoring a remote application may require to start the jar with:
    java -jar hibernate-jconsole-1.0.7.jar -J-Dhibernate.classpath=/path/to/hibernateJars/
  • Follow the usage guide for more information if the solutions above won't work.


Version 1.0.1 - Queries

Version 1.0.1 - Queries

Help wanted

If you consider this small plugin useful, please contribute to make it better. The whole project started as some sort of fun project done within one long weekend and though already usable, it's not yet very sophisticated with regards to the data that is visualized.

Use the tracker system at sourceforge.net to issue Bug reports or Feature requests. Open discussions or other issues can be filled into the forums section.