Release Notes

hibernate-jconsole-1.0.7.jar - 2011-11

  • Improved the overall consistency of text labels and descriptions.
  • Fixed incorrectly interpreted values for load and fetch (it is now also described what these values stand for).
  • Added support for including 2nd level cache hit counts into collection and entity statistics (performance & access counts).

hibernate-jconsole-1.0.6.jar - 2011-06

  • Reached BETA quality.
  • Improved overall visuals and fixed minor display bugs.
  • Added missing JPQL keywords to the query highlighter and improved formatting of tool tips.

hibernate-jconsole-1.0.4.jar - 2011-03

  • Supporting Hibernate 3.1 - 3.6
  • Added test suite that runs on Hibernate 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.5 and 3.6 (to prove compatibility during build)
  • Added Query, Entity, Collection & Cache detail graphs.
  • Added a simple data abstraction layer (to enable better unit testing or add support for other vendors)
  • Added a "Main-Class" that allows starting jconsole with java -jar hibernate-jconsole-1.0.4.jar
  • Added auto-detection and configuration on the used hibernate.jar upon connection to the target VM. (Currently requires that the VM runs on the same host)

hibernate-jconsole-1.0.3.jar - 2010-09


  • Added new feature allowing to hide & show graphs by clicking on the legend label.
  • Fixed bug in the data recorder, it was loosing timestamps when data was resized.
  • Added new filter rule to "hibernate.classpath" to ensure the plugin is not added to the classpath if it exists in the specified folder.
  • Added release notes and other common reports.
  • Changed site template


  • Improved look and feel of the chart widgets and refactored code to a more reasonable structure.
  • Fixed bug that table sort order became out of sync. after an update.
  • Improved site.


  • Initial release with basic support for displaying query, entity, collection and cache statistics and basic widgets and highlighters to visualize the collected data.
  • Initial version of the site and documentation.